Saturday, 26 November 2016

Pulane Lenkoe 'disgusted' by men with no underwear

Pulane Lenkoe 'disgusted' by men with no underwear

Pulane, who has kept a relatively low-profile on social media since her leaked nudes, has some advice for all you guys.
Am I the only person who thinks guys who wear sweat pants without underwear, drawing all the attention to the D is totally DISGUSTING😰😷💩

Pulane went on to add that she doesn't want to see someone's D if they are not an item. "I don't wanna see someone's D unless we are an item, it's disgusting man."
Pulane's comments stirred up some debate on her Twitter page, but the outspoken law-student moved swiftly to make it clear that she does not care what other people think about her and her opinions.
Nothing is gonna happen to my image don't confuse social networks with real life, none of the things that happen in media happens in life https://twitter.com/sbk_mell/status/800739089767022592 

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