Monday, 21 November 2016

The Most Famous Actors and Actresses From Across the Pond By  

Since before the British Invasion, our mates across the pond have been ace at dominating English-speaking media. Lads and lasses like Benedict Cumberbatch and Emily Blunt are just a snippet of what Great Britain currently has to offer.
With that in mind, the experts at PrettyFamous, an entertainment research site powered by Graphiq, have amassed a list of the most famous actors who call the United Kingdom home.
To make the list, actors must have been born in the U.K., completed their studies there or spent most of their life there – this means English, Northern Irish, Scottish and Welsh stars comprise the ranking. Irish chaps, such as Colin Farrell, are not included.

#100 - Natalie Dormer

Actor Score: 70.9
Age: 34
Notable Roles: "Game of Thrones," "Elementary"
Birthplace: Reading, England, United Kingdom

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