Friday, 2 December 2016

Hollywood still outsells Nollywood in Nigerian cinemas’ – Filmhouse boss, Kene Mkparu

Despite the growing acceptance of Nollywood films in Nigerian cinemas, foreign blockbusters, especially those from Hollywood still massively outsell Nigerian content.
This was disclosed by Filmhouse CEO, Kene Mkparu when he appeared on CNN‘s Marketplace Africa.

Replying to a question about what the taste of Nigerians who patronise cinemas was, Mkparu, whose outfit owns a total of 12 cinemas around the country said, ‘At the moment, it’s about 60-65% Hollywood and 35% Nollywood Nigerian content.’
He continued, ‘But what we are finding out is that Nollywood films are generating the kind of revenue that Hollywood films are generating in cinemas.’
Mkparu went on to cite the examples of AY Makun‘s box office success stories, 30 Days in Atlanta and A Trip to Jamaica – the latter having usurped the former as the highest grossing Nigerian movie in the country’s cinema history.
This post first appeared on TNS.

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