Thursday, 1 December 2016

Ranveer Singh kisses Deepika Padukone as he accepts Man of the Year award

Are Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh ready to let the world know that they are together and not afraid to show it? It sure seems like that. After being coy about openly accepting their relationship for a long time, these alleged lovebirds of Bollywood were seen hand-in-hand at a recent party hosted by Mukesh Ambani. On Monday, they left for Dubai together to attend an awards nite and at the event, we have Ranveer kissing Deepika as he heads to the dais to accept an award.
At the Esquire Awards 2016, while Deepika won the International Woman of the Year Award, Ranveer was honoured with the International Man of the Year Awards. As Ranveer walked to accept his award, he gave Deepika a peck on the cheek. Now, this is in your face haters who had been going on and on about the two having broken up.
Ranveer also spoke about becoming the International Man of The Year and called himself a “work in progress as a man.” He said, “I assure you that I am merely a work in progress as a man. I promise you that the best of this man is yet to come. But for the moment if you truly want to see a man at his best, meet me five shots down at the dance floor at the after-party. Ladies and gentlemen it is officially party time. I will see you on the dance floor.”
Earlier, Ranveer also spoke about Ranbir’s comment at Koffee with Karan that he hopes Ranveer and Deepika make awesome babies together. Ranbir had said, “They have an amazing creative partnership on screen. I think beyond that the way they are with each other, they compliment each other. They are perfect for each others’ energies and I am really happy for them… I hope they can see this through and make awesome babies together. I hope the babies like me as an actor.” Ranveer, who did not speak about Deepika on the show, had just smiled.

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